Our Team

The VNFC prides itself on being part of the community we serve. With over 125 staff delivering over 75 programs, we are very grateful for our hard-working, compassionate team.

Staff Directory

Ron Rice, Executive Director
Kari H., Assistant Executive Director
Terry D., Senior Administrator of Information Technologies
Kerri A., Contract Manager/Hamper Lead
Shirley F., Director Financial Operations
Olena R., AR/Deferred Revenue Analyst
Lydia P., Administrative Assistant
Deb. B., Finance Assistant
Sharon A., Administrative Assistant
Mary Ann C., Finance Assistant
John K., Administrative Assistant
Annalee B., PT/Finance Assistant
Angela McK., Custodial & Maintenance Team Lead
Chris A., Building Maintenance
John C., Custodial
Jay J., Building Maintenance
Amanda J., Custodial
Avery N., Custodial

Kari Ann L., ASCD Programs Manager
Rebecca M., AIDP/FASD Programs Manager

Madeline B., AIDP Consultant 
Mandy G., AIDP Consultant
Maria S., AIDP Consultant/Ab. Cultural Group Coordinator

Bianca G., ASCD Consultant
Jordan S., ACIS Programs Assistant 

Nadia S., Director of CEER
Sophia G., Career & Education Guide 
Herman H., Indigenous Liaison
Sharon S., Career & Education Guide

Michele M., Clinical Supervisor
Kalynka C., Clinical Supervisor
Shona C., Clinical Supervision

Rebecca M., AEENP Coordinator 
Delwyn P., Family Support Worker
Aiden F., CAPC Support Worker
William S., Young Warriors Coordinator
Sierra L., Indigenous Youth & Family Counsellor

Brenda F., Social Worker/Team Leader
Juli B., Social Worker/Warriors Co-facilitator 
Trina M., Family Support Worker
Maureen E., Family Support Worker

Glenn P., Family Violence Coordinator
Jill J., Women’s Family Violence Coordinator
Sharon N., Co-Facilitator
Julie B., Co-Facilitator

Johnathan S., Hamper Coordinator
Pheobe, Hamper Support
Duke, Hamper Support

Christina K., Programs Coordinator/Addictions Counsellor
Isobel D., Health Support Worker
Scott I., Health Support Worker
Sage B., Addictions Counsellor (casual)
Kalynka K., Mental Health Liaison/Clinical
Dena McD., Garden Coordinator
Raelene P., Garden Support
Julie P., Garden Support
Leonard D., Garden Support

Raelene, Housing Support Team Lead 
Molly R., Housing Support Worker

Angela H., Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator
Pat B., Indigenous Speech Language Pathologist

Jon B., Kitchen Manager
Earl M., Program Cook
Carrie P., Program Cook

Grey S., Director of Wellness and Health

Karryn H., RH Program Administrator
Katherin C., RH Program Coordinator

Alexis M., Property Manager
Chelsea T., Assistant Property Manager
Hayley K., Tenant Support Worker
Andreas S., Custodial

Lisa M., Indigenous Culture and Traditions Coordinator
Ash M., Cultural Support
Angie, Elder Program Support
Tanya C., Urban Reconciliation Dialogue
Katrina P., Management Services Coordinator
Sue W., Volunteer Coordinator
Nadya C., Library Coordinator

Sarah R., Team Lead/Cultural Mentor
Raelene K., Team Lead/Family Navigator
Sharon N., Wisdom Keeper
Eileen H., Wisdom Keeper
Tasha N., ECE Infant Toddler Educator
Raelene K., Early Childhood Educator Assistant
Yuko C., ECE Infant Toddler Educator
Sue Ann C., Early Childhood Educator Assistant
Christina P., ECE Infant Toddler Educator
Sam J., Early Childhood Educator Assistant
Makoto S., ECE Infant Toddler Educator
Rebecca W., Early Childhood Educator Assistant
Sarah R., ECE Infant Toddler Educator
Fatma A., Early Childhood Educator Assistant
Fe G., ECE Infant Toddler Educator
Dorothy J., Early Childhood Educator
Tristan B., ECE Infant Toddler Educator
Sandra P., Early Childhood Educator
Tyler JG., ECE Assistant
Tyler SB., Support Educator
Jordan H., ECE Assistant
Laura R., Responsible Adult
Lauren S., Responsible Adult
Avery N., Custodial

Aly W., A/Manager of Youths Programs 
Kailyn J., Youth Support Worker
Brandon C., Youth Support Worker and RAVE Drop-In Support
Maddi B., Youth Support Worker
Abbey G., Youth Support Worker

Board of Directors

Shelley Cardinal

Janice Simcoe
1st Vice President

Jace Meyer
2nd Vice President

David Dick

Remi Paul

Monique Gray Smith

Sage Lacerte
Director – Youth

Elaine Ting

Janet Hanuse