Urban Indigenous Language Hub


VNFC is proud to engage fluent Speakers, Helpers who encourage emerging learners in VNFC’s Urban Indigenous Language Hub. VNFC supports language planning and creatation of learning tools. Current classes: Nuučaan̓uɫ, Nihiyaw (Cree), Nedut’en Carrier, Dene, and Dakota. Our goal is to support the reclamation of Indigenous languages, and encourage new learners. In 2022, we will host Land Based Teachings, seasonal gatherings, and Embedding Language through Cultural workshops. Open to those of the inherent Language group and their families to ensure safe, welcoming spaces. RSVP to language@vnfc.ca


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Intake is by phone (250) 384-3211 or in person between the hours of 1:00pm and 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Inquiries for intake can be done by completing the below form. All referrals must go through Intake.

How to Reach Us

8:30am – 4:30pm
Monday to Friday

231 Regina Avenue
Victoria, BC
V8Z 1J6

Tel: (250) 384-3211
Fax: (250) 384-1586

Manager: Lisa Mercure

Events Calendar

Carrier – Nedut’en Dialect Language Group

Our revered Carrier Nedut’en Speaker supports new learners with introductions, basic sentences, and creates lessons including Cultural Teachings. Our Helpers share Wet’suwet’en translations to embrace all Carrier Nation members from near and far.

Dakota Sioux Language Cohort

The Dakota Sioux Speaker has created a number of resources, from books and basic classes for new learners. In 2022, we will host ‘Kitchen Table’ sessions and Embedding Language in cultural workshops as Judy is a master beader and participates in the Cultural workshops and programs.

Dene Language Cohort

Our Sayisi Dene Speaker develops resources, including introductions, greetings, Moe the Mouse and interactive classes. In 2022, we will host ‘Kitchen Table’ sessions cultural workshops as Jeannie stays involved in programs with peers. She is looking forward to meeting other local Denesuline in the Victoria area.

nêhiyawêwin (Cree) Language Cohort

Ninaskamon Nehiyaw Speakers and Helpers . In 2022, Wednesday Cree TH in September, Y in October interactive lessons and stories. Saturday Y dialect following Solomon Ratt’s curriculum. Both fluent Speakers can assist with translations and support the cohort Learners on Zoom or limited onsite to meet other Nihiyawak.

nuučaan̓uł, Central Dialect Language Cohort

VNFC is grateful local nuučaan̓uł Speakers and language Helpers continue to gather to plan and host weekly classes and monthly gatherings. In 2022, the group will host Land Based Teachings, Accelerated Second Language Acquisition (ASLA), and invite other nuučaan̓ułahtto to participate in a safe environment on Zoom or limited onsite to meet other nuučaan̓ułaht in our community.

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