Early Childhood Development


The Early Childhood Development Team provide family support for parenting and life skills for pre and post-natal up to children six years old. We also support parents and families going through family reunification. You will have the opportunity to meet with other families .

ECD provides:
– Vitamin supplements until your infant is 6 months of age
– Bus tickets
– Lunch and snacks
– Pregnancy tests


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How to Reach Us

8:30am – 4:30pm
Monday to Friday

231 Regina Avenue
Victoria, BC
V8Z 1J6

Tel: (250) 384-3211
Fax: (250) 384-1586

Manager: Rebecca Mabee

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Breastfeeding Support

We have a lactation consultant on staff to answer any questions regarding feeding and first foods. Our support includes: – Breastfeeding difficulties – Expressing milk – Teaching a baby to breastfeed after a NICU stay – Bottle feeding – Safe formula preparation – Introducing first solid foods – Information on breastfeeding, medications, and substances – First Foods – for babies and toddlers

Parent Support Group

This is a drop-in support group for all parents with young children (up to the age of 6). A Public Health Nurse is available to answer any questions or parenting concerns. Dietitian available. A female Elder is available for guidance and support. Cultural activities are provided.

Slaheena Prenatal Support Program

Our focus is to support pregnant mothers to have the healthiest babies possible. A Public Health Nurse teaches prenatal classes and a dietician provides nutritional information. Dental hygienist is also available once a month. Wednesdays 1pm-2pm.

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