Jordan’s Principle


Jordan’s Principle is a legal rule and child-first principle named in memory of Jordan River Anderson, a young boy from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba. It ensures First Nations children receive the services and supports they need when they need them.  Jordan’s Principle addresses gaps, delays, and disruptions in publicly available government services to ensure that First Nations children have access to a wide range of health, social and education supports, without delay.  

Jordan’s Principle is a legal obligation, which means it has no end date. Jordan’s Principle will support First Nations children for generations to come. This is the legacy of Jordan River Anderson.

Who is eligible?

Children from birth up until their 19th birthday (age of majority) in BC, are eligible for Jordan’s Principle, if they permanently reside in Canada and meet one of the following criteria: 

  • are registered or eligible to be registered under the Indian Act; 
  • have one parent or guardian who is registered or eligible to be registered under the Indian Act; 
  • are recognized by their nation for the purposes of Jordan’s Principle; OR 
  • are ordinarily resident on reserve.

What can be requested?

Any service, support or item that a First Nations child needs to strengthen their health, social, educational or cultural well-being is welcomed to be submitted to Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) for funding decision (approval/denial). All requests are reviewed by ISC on a case-by-case basis with an understanding that each child’s situation is unique. Multiple requests can be made for each child or group of children.  To ensure substantive equality, approved supports may be above what is normatively available through existing provincial or federal services.

Because requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, there is no list of pre-approved items.  However, the following list contains some examples of products and services that have been funded by Jordan’s Principle:


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Arianna Scott, Manager of Family Services & Jordan’s Principle

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Jordan’s Principle Health Services

  • Mobility aids 
  • Wheelchair ramps 
  • Services from Elders 
  • Assessments and screenings
  • Allied health services (SLP, PT, OT, etc.)
  • Medical supplies including medications and equipment 
  • Mental health services
  • Dental screenings and treatments
  • Baby supplies and items
  • Basic necessities as crisis management support

Jordan’s Principle Social Services

  • Land-based activities 
  • Respite care (individual or group) 
  • Specialized programs based on cultural beliefs and practices 
  • Personal support worker
  • Recreational activities
  • Spring and summer camps

Service Coordinators Approach

How are requests submitted? A complete request includes 3 key components:

Letter of Recommendation:

  • from a licensed/registered professional in the child’s circle of care; OR
  • from a community authorized Elder of Knowledge Keeper (in the case of culture, language, or wellness supports that has knowledge of the child)

Eligibility Information: a child must be eligible in ONE of the following ways:

  • registered or eligible to be registered under the Indian Act
  • one parent or guardian who is registered or eligible to be registered 
  • is recognized by their First Nation for the purposes of Jordan’s Principle
  • ordinarily resident on reserve


  • written or oral consent from the parent or guardian; OR
  • provided by mature minor legally able to give consent (16 or older in BC)
Service Coordinators Approach:

Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinators are available at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and across the province to help First Nations children and families access needed products, services, and supports by:

  • preparing and submitting funding requests to Indigenous Services Canada for decision
  • assisting with advocacy and access through existing publicly funded programs and services
  • organizing payment for approved Jordan’s Principle requests
  • assisting First Nations and organizations obtain funding for groups of children who have a common need

Service Coordination support can be offered virtually, over the phone, and when possible, in person.

If you need urgent Jordan’s Principle services or supports after office hours, and/or can’t reach a Service Coordinator, please contact the Jordan’s Principle National Call Centre toll-free at 1-855-JP-CHILD (1-855-572-4453).

More information: 

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