Aboriginal Infant Development Program (AIDP)


The first three years of life are the most important time in a child’s growth and development. Sometimes babies need extra support during the early years. The Aboriginal Infant Development Program (AIDP) works with families in respectful ways to support them and their infants through their early developmental stages. AIDP provides support to families where there is a child from birth to age six years who is showing developmental delays or is at risk of developing mental concerns. For these children, intervention and support can be the most effective when it is begun as early as possible.


Each child is a special gift from the Creator. The Aboriginal Infant Development Program’s Mission is to honour this gift by supporting the development of Aboriginal children with the context of family, community, and culture and by offering access to culturally appropriate early intervention programming.


Inquiry Form

Intake is by phone (250) 384-3211 or in person between the hours of 1:00pm and 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Inquiries for intake can be done by completing the below form. All referrals must go through Intake.

How to Reach Us

8:30am – 4:30pm
Monday to Friday

231 Regina Avenue
Victoria, BC
V8Z 1J6

Tel: (250) 384-3211
Fax: (250) 384-1586

Manager: Rebecca Mabee

Activity Planning

The AIDP will plan fun and engaging activities together to build on your child’s strengths to support infant growth and development.

Home Visits

Your AIDP Consultant will visit you in your home or wherever you feel most comfortable.

Service coordination

We coordinate services to help support children’s needs. With your permission, we can get extra support for your child in areas such as speech, language, motor skills, feeding, hearing, vision, stress and anxiety.

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